Fashion and Unique Style Accessories

Often we see Fashion Shows, hear people commenting about fashion on the Red Carpet, and Fashion experts telling us how to create our own style, and look fashionable. Even in our own environment we notice that some people look more stylish than others. It does not mean that they are wearing expensive clothes or they have more money. The trick is to wear clothes that match your figure, temperament, life style, and remember to pick unique accessories and jewelry. Do we really know what Fashion is and how to look stylish and find your own style?

Fashion is the style and custom prevalent at a given time. The Important idea is that the course of design and fashion will change more rapidly than the culture as a whole. Cities such as Paris, Milan, New York and London are recognized as global fashion centers. Fashion week in these cities is big because designers exhibit their new collections. An important tip to remember is that just because it looks good on someone else doesn’t mean it will look good on you. Always dress according to your figure. Fashion usually remains popular for about 1-3 years and is then replaced by newer fashion. What never goes out of fashion are unique accessories such as jewelry, belts, purses or shoes that are handmade and different. Always accessorize, you will look very fashionable and stylish even when your cloths are last season’s trend.

Tips on how to look stylish:

o Get a few unique pieces of jewelry and fashion accessories; colorful scarves, good quality purses or handbags, belts or unique handmade pieces of jewelry. The accessories will make you look trendy whatever outfit you wear.
o Remember, accessories make your outfit, and if you look stylish; you feel stylish and exude confidence.

o If you go shopping, buy what you need and what is nice, but do not purchase anything just because it’s new.
o Buy clothes that would go with some of your old wardrobe- this is smart way to get new looks with your old clothes.
o Select the right hairstyle that would go with your make up and clothes to look more stylish. Select your hairstyle according your face type and hair volume.
o Before purchasing clothes, know your figure. If you feel uncomfortable with some parts of your body, do not highlight those parts.
o Select clothes, accessories and jewelry according to the occasion.

Fashion and Style Tips For the Taller Cross Dresser

Finding stylish clothes that fit well is a task for any cross dresser. But taller girls have an even bigger challenge on their hands. With only a limited number of retailers stocking clothes for the taller lady, creating that perfect feminine look may prove to be a little more tricky than you first thought.

Before we can talk about clothing, the first thing you need to understand is that tall is beautiful. Many people – men and women – spend their entire lives feeling awkward and uncomfortable, towering above everyone else. The reality is that your height is part of you and your individuality. It can’t be changed, no matter what you do. So, the quicker you learn to embrace it, the better.

Now that that’s out of the way, you need to concentrate on buying clothes that make you look and feel great. As you would expect, there are some guidelines that you should look to follow. By taking note of these, you’ll be sure to create an amazing look, every time.

One of the worst things you can do is buy garments that are too short for you. Imagine finding the perfect pair of pants that you’ve spent months looking for… the only snag is that they only come in a regular length. What should you do? Although it’s probably not what you want to hear, the advice is that unless there’s enough fabric in them to be lengthened, just walk away!

Wearing clothes that are too short will only draw attention to your height. To avoid creating a giraffe-like appearance, you could try shopping at specialist outlets that stock clothes for the taller lady. Alternatively, you can have your clothes tailor-made. Although this can be a costly option, having fewer perfectly fitting clothes is far better than having lots of ill-fitting ones.

Belts are a great little accessory that can be used to define a waist and enhance your feminine appearance. Used in the right way, a belt can really transform a very simple outfit into something amazing. The good news is that tall cross dressers can get away with wide belts, so take advantage of this privilege and build up a collection.

Your height shouldn’t restrict your choice of shoes. If you want to wear heels (and which cross dresser doesn’t!), don’t let your height stop you. High heels can really help you look and feel feminine, so you shouldn’t be looking to compromise in this area. Luckily, you won’t need the highest heel to give you height. Just remember to stand upright to maintain your posture and display confidence at all times.

Other than that, you should try to avoid wearing skirts that are too long or too short. A reasonably short skirt looks fantastic with knee-high boots. Fitted blouses also look great, as do bias-cut dresses. As a tall lady, you can wear horizontal patterns and textured fabrics without it causing any concern. Finally, remember that features such as long hands and legs are considered to be feminine attributes. So, make the most of them when bringing out your femme persona.